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March 2017

English Speaking Board Expands in Asia

English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. is expanding its reach in Asia.

May 2016

In the Spotlight: Epsom College Malaysia

Hundreds of schools, colleges, training centres, universities and prisons deliver ESB qualifications every year. We want to highlight the incredible work our centres do, putting them 'In the Spotlight'.

December 2015

English Speaking Board’s Speaker of the Year Competition Hits Italy

ESB ‘Young Speaker of the Year’ is an annual competition recognising outstanding young speakers in the UK. Due to the event’s resounding success our Italian partners are launching their own ‘Speaker of the Year’.

October 2015

5 Tips to Pass an English Writing Exam

English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. (ESB) share five top tips to help you improve your writing and prepare for your exam.

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