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Channel 4’s Educating Yorkshire star Mathew Burton visited Birmingham’s Highbury Hall at the weekend to take part in a Celebration of Excellence by English Speaking Board (ESB).

ESB’s ‘Young Speaker of the Year’ Awards were presented to eight youngsters from around the country, in recognition of their outstanding spoken language skills. The students, selected from thousands of candidates, delivered their presentations at the prestigious awards on Saturday, 7 November 2015.

Matthew, who enthralled TV viewers with his inspirational approach to helping Musharraf Asghar overcome his debilitating stammer, was also recognised as ESB’s ‘Speaker of the Year’.  ‘Mushy’ was reunited with Matthew to see his former teacher receive his award and to collect the inaugural ‘Spirit of ESB’ Award.

Mushy said: “I feel honoured to have been recognised by ESB. Receiving this award is something I would never have dreamt of.” Matthew added: “I have become passionate about ESB since I began working with them. It has been very humbling and inspiring to be involved with Young Speaker of the Year. I am very proud to have been selected for this award.”

ESB’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Wren, said: “ESB is so special because it builds confidence in young people. It fosters the ability to stand, speak and listen openly to their peers.” Award recipient, Grace Hart echoed Peter’s sentiments: “ESB has given me the ability to be comfortable and confident in front of large crowds. I can project a calm image now and enjoy presenting.”

Check out the photos from the event.

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