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Promoting oracy with Articulacy UK Ltd.

Articulacy UK Ltd.

ESB began a fruitful relationship with Articulacy, which was established in 2012 by Ali Shorer and Julia Ward, in 2016. Articulacy specialises in offering workshops that build confidence and raise self -esteem through spoken English. They work in businesses, on individual projects and in education from primary schools through to universities across the South West of England and inspire learners regardless of age or ability to become self-assured and articulate speakers.

Articulacy offer a range of ESB qualifications in spoken language skills, debating skills, interview skills and English as an additional language (EAL). By incorporating ESB into their workshops, learners are awarded with an accredited qualification at the end of their training, giving them a sense of achievement as well as evidence of their progression.

The team behind Articulacy share a similar ethos to ESB, as they are engaged in the value of oracy as a vehicle for social mobility, and their aim to inspire high quality communication in people of all ages and is something ESB continues to recognise.

Julia Ward, Managing Director of Articulacy, has been a long-serving friend of ESB and has been enthusiastic about the benefits of incorporating ESB into her teaching.

We wanted to equip people with great oracy skills allowing them to communicate, both professionally and personally, with confidence. ESB has proved the ideal match for us in this respect because the awarding body has more than 65 years of experience in providing high-quality qualifications in oracy for all abilities.

Julia Ward, Managing Director and Trainer

From the start, schools responded well to Articulacy’s workshops. The training is unique in that learners are challenged with 20 oracy-focused criteria and that they receive a nationally recognised Ofqual-regulated qualification from ESB.

To find out more about Articulacy, and how it can help improve social mobility in your area, visit their website.


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