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ESB has updated its Malpractice and Maladministration Policy

English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. has updated its Malpractice and Maladministration Policy as part of its review process to ensure all procedures and practices continue to meet the required legislative and regulatory compliance. ESB is committed to taking all reasonable steps to present the occurrence of any malpractice or maladministration in the development, delivery and…

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ESOL International International

Czech learners find their voice in first ESB assessment

English Speaking Board (International)’s centres come in all shapes and sizes, from all over the world, but it’s not often we find ESB assessments taking place underneath a castle. Park Lane International School in Prague is unique as it stands tucked away beneath the walls of the city’s breathtaking castle, close to the historic Old…

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International Oracy Speech

Providing accuracy with MurrayData

ESB paired with MurrayData in 2014 to benefit from its specialist Optical Mark Reader (OMR) scanning service to administer the large-scale exam bookings from two major international clients: Europalso and ESBinItaly. Managing Director, Ken Rafferty founded the company in 2009. Since then, MurrayData has embraced technological advancement, working on projects in the UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Ghana…

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ESOL International International Language

Meet our friends ESBinItaly

ESBinItaly is an important part of ESB’s ESOL International portfolio. ESB works with ESBinItaly, an organisation operating across Italy in more than 150 centres. Founded in 1973 and based in the historic city of Naples in southern Italy, the organisation is popular with Italian centres as it offers an on-demand service of ESB ESOL International assessments…

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ESOL International International Language Learning