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English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. is seeking nominations for two trustees to complete our Director/Trustee team.

Ideally we would love to recruit one Trustee who has had experience from within an ESB centre or as an assessor or marker.

Our second Trustee could be from any field who has an understanding/empathy of running a small to medium enterprise and supports the advancement of English language and literature with emphasis on English as a spoken language in schools, colleges, business enterprises and any other situation where English is the means of communication irrespective of the medium used, the immediate environment and the background of the individuals involved.

Eligibility information:
Trustees will need to complete an automatic disqualification declaration. Should any reasons for disqualification apply they need to seek a waiver from the Charity Commission prior to taking up a position as a Trustee.

Selection criteria:

  • Actively supporting the vision
  • Support the charitable aims of the organisation to allow all to reach their potential by allowing the widest possible access to our products and services
  • A commitment to give advice and guidance to review and shape the ongoing strategy of the organisation 
  • Remain up to date on advice and guidance from the Charity Commission by reading advice out of meeting time
  • Attend 4 Trustee meetings per year (held on Saturdays in London) plus the Young Speaker of the Year event held in November each year, plus preparation time and ad hoc email dialogue throughout the year. 
  • Occasionally attend major meetings, high profile conferences

Technical Information:
ESB is a Company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital. The Company has charitable status.

The number of members with which the Company proposes to be registered is 50 but the Board of Trustees may from time to time register an increase of members. The subscribers to the Memorandum of Association and such other persons qualified as hereinafter provided as the Board of Trustees shall admit to membership shall be members of the Company. 

There are four categories of members namely: -

  1. Ordinary Members
  2. Life Members (Closed)
  3. Friend members
  4. Honorary Members

Please contact if you would like to hear more about being a Trustee.

If you would like to nominate someone who meets the above criteria, please download and complete our nomination form on our vacancies page, and return to

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