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  • External Assesment
  • Learners with basic understanding of English Language Target Groups
  • 30 Guided Learning Hours


ESB Entry Level Award in Graded Examinations in Speech (Entry 1) (EAL 1-A1)  is for learners who speak English as an additional language.The graded speech qualifications (EAL) are mapped to the Common European Framework for Languages. The aim of the EAL series of programmes (Entry 1- Entry 3) is to provide a focus and framework for progressive mastery of Spoken English communication in English as an Additional Language. Our assessment is a presentation delivered in a group context and promotes interaction with others. 


Entry Level Award in Graded Examinations In Speech: Entry 1 (EAL-A1)

Learners are asked to plan a one minute talk using the essential vocabulary for their level. They are also required to do a short group presentation on a chosen item or picture. 


Learners are asked to personally choose a poem then following a short introduction recite it from memory. 


Learners are asked to read aloud from their favourite book or publication making sure it is appropriate for their audience and presented enthusiastically.


Listen actively, respond to questions on your own sections and contribute positively to group discussions.

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