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  • External Assessment
  • Adult Learners Target Group
  • N/A Guided Learning Hours


ESB Pre-Entry Assessment in Speaking and Listening is aimed at candidates who have very little literacy knowledge or experience in English and are not yet ready for an Ofqual regulated Entry Level 1 qualification. ESB gives a personalised report to each candidate with guidance and comments on their performance. 


ESB Pre-Entry Assessment in Speaking and Listening

Estimated time: 1 - 2 minutes per candidate

- Assessor talking to individual (others in group observing)
- Greet/take leave
- Respond to requests for personal information and give simple responses
- Respond to questions asking about current situation with simple responses e.g. Name (spell name), Address, Marital status, Family?, Birthday, What are they doing now?


Estimated time: 2 – 3 minutes per candidate

- Group task
- Listen and respond to requests for information
- Follow single step instructions
- Indicate misunderstanding
- Describe things using words and phrases or simple sentences e.g. the weather
- Describe routines using words and phrases or simple sentences e.g. in the morning
- Indicate likes and dislikes


The candidate can use familiar words to talk about:

- Me, my family and friends
- My college and classroom objects
- Health and parts of the body
- Days of the week and months of the year
- Numbers 1-20
- Letters of the alphabet
- Common / everyday places
- Food
- Clothes
- Colours
- Weather


- Respond to requests for personal information
- Respond to questions asking for factual information
- Greet and take leave
- Describe familiar objects, food, weather, people, etc.
- Describe the weather
- Indicate likes and dislikes when asked
- Ask for  / indicate the need for clarification
- Respond to simple single step instructions


- Subject personal pronouns
- Possessive adjectives
- Indefinite and definite articles*
- Singular and plural of nouns
- Formulaic use of Present Simple affirmative and negative in the first and second personal singular
- Prepositions of place
- This / that
- There is / there are

* assessors recognise that some candidates will have difficulty with these

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