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An ESB qualification shows employers that you can communicate, says CBI’s North West Director

ESB improves employability skills

Damian Waters, Director of CBI in the North West said that his ESB qualification “most definitely” gave him employability skills. He said:

My ESB examination was my first experience of public speaking, but I think one of my key strengths now is public engagement and presentations.

Damian says that ESB played a key role in his personal and professional development:

ESB started me off on the right track and gave me that initial confidence to find my voice.

He added:

An ESB qualification is great to have and be able to show employers that you can engage with colleagues, clients and customers.

He recalled his experience of taking his ESB exam over 30 years ago:

I remember that I had to make a speech to a panel of assessors and other pupils from my school and recite a poem that was committed to memory. I can still remember the poem today!

I can clearly remember the feedback I received from the assessors; they spoke about the importance of being myself, engaging with the audience and presenting in a professional manner. I make dozens of speeches each year and I still try to stick to those words of advice.

Damian passed on some words of guidance to youngsters preparing for presentations:

Prepare properly, but don’t learn a script as it can come across as a bit fake. Always remember that the audience wants to enjoy the experience – they are willing you on!

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