We have released new Centre Handbooks for our Speech, ESOL Skills for Life and centre assessed qualifications. They are available to download on our Policies and Procedures page.

ESB continues to put its Centres and Learners first!

English Speaking Board (International) has taken the positive step of reducing its minimum booking fee for centres wishing to enrol their learners for Primary Age Speech and Group Speaking assessments.

In recognition of the challenges many schools and centres have been facing over the past 18 months, ESB is delighted to announce these changes which are designed to allow more learners to access its qualifications.

The new rates are as follows:-

£350.00 (Primary Age Speech Qualifications) 
£250.00 (Group Speaking Qualifications only)

Please note, the minimum booking fee for centres booking Secondary Age Speech Qualifications remains the same with a minimum fee of £450.00.

Says ESB’s Chief Executive, Tina Renshaw, “We are always striving to make sure the cost does not get in the way of learners accessing our qualifications. I felt it was particularly important to recognise that some new centres, with smaller numbers, may have been dissuaded in trialling our assessments due to the minimum booking fee. I am hopeful that from September 2021, the changes to our minimum booking fees for our Speech qualifications will have a positive impact enabling more learners to access our assessments, and ultimately providing them with oracy skills that will last them a lifetime.

“We are also aiming to support more schools to access our assessments through our 70/70 Campaign, launched to mark ESB’s achievements over the past 70 years. Our 70/70 Campaign aims to find and financially support by 2023, 70 organisations where their young people or community members face disadvantage due to socio economic factors, disability or migration status and would be supported in their aspirations if they could achieve an ESB qualification.

“This is not the first time that ESB has provided financial support to grant learners access to its qualifications. The Christabel Burniston Fund has supported more than 40 centres over the last three academic years and the 70/70 Campaign is an expansion on the support we already offer.”

ESB values transparency as one of its most defining characteristics and it hopes that this adjustment to its prices will deepen its working relationship with centres.

Click here to view our Prices page. Additionally, if you would like to find out more about ESB’s 70/70 Campaign, please click here.

ESB has been supporting learners to possess the oracy and English language skills they need in order to achieve their aspirations for nearly 70 years!


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