70/70 Campaign

In 2023, we celebrate our 70th anniversary!

To honour this special milestone and to provide an expansion on the support that we already offer through our Christabel Burniston Fund, we have launched our 70/70 Campaign that will make access to our suite of Speech and Language qualifications more available to groups and organisations which are seeking to close the disadvantage gap.

To mirror our founder, Christabel Burniston’s innovation and mark ESB’s achievements over the past 70 years, we are aiming to find and financially support by 2023, 70 centres where their learners, children, young people or community members face disadvantage and would be supported in their aspirations if they could achieve an ESB qualification.

Watch the videos below demonstrating the immense impact that our assessments have had on learners at Liverpool’s Heygreen Primary School and Smethwick’s Holly Lodge School in the Midlands.

We hope to support organisations where their learners face disadvantage due to socio-economic factors, special educational needs or disability or migration status.

We will support them financially to access our assessments, support and training. This initiative will allow centres to provide their learners with speaking and listening qualifications when this may not have been previously possible.

Our 70/70 Campaign has already enabled several centres access to its assessments, ultimately providing them with communication skills to last them a lifetime.

Who can apply for 70/70 funding?

Our search for 70 centres will be inclusive and spread across both the education and third sectors.

Education SectorThird Sector
Primary Schools
Secondary Schools
Further Education
Special Schools
Pupil Referral Unit
Community Groups
Youth or Adult Societies

If you are a centre that shares the common belief that communication lies at the heart of social mobility, and you think your learners could benefit from our qualifications but you are concerned about fees, please contact us.

We use two main sets of indicators for state schools: the percentage of pupils receiving Pupil Premium and the government’s Indices of Deprivation for the area that your school serves. For third sector organisations, we will look at your current income and external funding and the government’s Indices of Deprivation for the community your organisation supports.

Who can apply for funding?

ESB would like to help and support your young people, learners, community members, children and adults to develop the oracy and English language skills they need to achieve their aspirations.

If you are interested in finding out whether your centre is eligible for funding and wish to know the options available to you, please click on the button below to contact us. Additional information will be provided.

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