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Level 2 Speech Resources

Please see our teacher activities for our updated Level 2 Speech Pathways qualification. These activities are designed to be delivered in the classroom to help build the speaking confidence of your learners. We hope you enjoy delivering these activities and that they help your learners to fulfil their potential.

Speech to Inform

Speech to Inform Resources Free PDF Download
Thinking about bias Click here to download
Fake News! Click here to download


Speech for Employability

Speech for Employability Resources Free PDF Download
Make an advertisement Click here to download
Interview checklist Click here to download


Speech to Perform

Speech to Perform Resources Free PDF Download
Top tips for memorisation Click here to download
Creating a story Click here to download

ESB International centres can find further resources for our Level 2 Pathways qualifications, including Teacher Guides, using the online resources link from their ‘My ESB’ Hub.