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Who are ESB?

English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. (ESB) is a national awarding organisation offering qualifications focused on communication skills at school, in college and throughout life.

We deliver examinations in schools, businesses, prisons, colleges and charities across the UK and around the world.

Our qualifications are recognised by OFQUAL, SQA and Qualifications Wales and are mapped to the relevant National Curriculum and ESOL Core Curriculum requirements.

In 1953 Christabel Burniston founded ESB. She was a pioneer of a new approach to developing speaking and listening skills. Breaking away from the traditional ‘elocution’ classes of the era, ESB’s method was to allow learners to learn and be tested on their communication skills in a supportive group.

Founded on a philosophy which values the worth of every individual, this ethos still holds true today. ESB strives to inspire confidence and increase self-esteem through acquiring interactive speaking and listening skills. 

ESB’s mission is to promote clear, effective communication at all levels by providing high quality assessments, training and services in the UK and around the world, recognising and encouraging the potential of all. 

ESB’s vision is to be a leader in the development and provision of high quality and relevant English Language qualifications both at home and around the world.

Inspirational Speeches

Our Values


Confidence and the ability to present yourself and your ideas in the clearest and brightest light are the attributes that you will take away from ESB.

ESB develops students’ communication, social and interpersonal skills. For many ESB is the first external examination they have ever achieved; it gives them a strong foundation for the future.

We are able to prepare candidates thoroughly from the notes and information given to us by ESB. The examiners put our students at ease; after the exam students have commented on the relaxing environment.

ESB teaches our pupils to self-critique and develop an awareness of themselves. They learn core skills such as editing, self-correction and resilience.

The impact made by ESB’s involvement in the Young Enterprise Start Up Programme cannot be underestimated. The sessions led by ESB have all been well planned, resourced and delivered.

  • Sharon Daniel ESB Ambassador & Mensa Child Genius
  • Mary Gilbert SEN Teacher, Telford College of Art & Technology
  • David Meeten ESOL Teacher, Adult Learning Centre, Liverpool
  • Alyson Russen Executive Principal, Millbank Academy, London
  • Andy Firr Start Up Manager, Young Enterprise
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