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  • External Assessment
  • Year 6 - 8 Target Group
  • 30 Guided Learning Hours


ESB Oral Skills for Interviews (Level 1) is designed to improve candidates’ interview skills and build confidence for the interview process. The Level 1 qualification is targeted at Year 6 - 8 candidates. This qualification is invaluable in any educational or vocational environment and develops personal skills such as speaking and listening. 


ESB Level 1 Award in Using Oral Skills for Interviews

Give an introduction about yourself to an interviewer, for a job or course for which you have applied. Describe any personal experience and skills you would bring to this placement and the reasons for your choice. Use any visual material that is appropriate.


Find a job advertisement, or written information about a course you wish to apply for, and read aloud a short extract (80 - 100 words). Summarise the key points.


The assessor, as the interviewer, will ask you some questions about the job or course you have applied for, any previous experience or skills you have and your future expectations. Prepare and ask the interviewer one or two questions of your own about the job or course.


You will be asked some questions after Section 1, to join in any group discussions and ask questions of your own in the sessions of others.

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