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  • External Assessment
  • Year 12 - 13 Target Group
  • 60 Guided Learning Hours


ESB Oral Skills for Interviews (Level 3) is designed to improve candidates’ interview skills and build confidence for the interview process. The Level 3 qualification is targeted at Year 12 – 13 candidates. This qualification is invaluable in any educational or vocational environment and develops personal skills such as speaking and listening. 


ESB Level 3 Award in Using Oral Skills for Interviews

Give a well-researched, structured presentation on an aspect of your chosen professional subject. Use visual material such as charts, overhead projector, or PowerPoint to enhance or illustrate it. A prepared report of the key aspects of your subject must be available for the assessor.


Give a brief survey of your research material and any professional books used for reference. Select one of these and read a prepared extract (150 - 200 words) commenting on the content with your personal opinions and viewpoint, giving its particular relevance to your chosen subject.


a) Outline a course or job for which you are applying and give your own skills and specific experience that you would bring to it.

b) Respond to questions in an interview conducted by the assessor, followed by some questions you would need to ask a prospective employer.

Provide a written C.V.


Constructive listening and responding is assessed throughout your whole presentation and in discussion and questions during the sessions of others.

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