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English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. has had at the heart of its practice for the last 65 years, the development of speech and language for all children.

Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds, referencing the findings of the Bercow 10 report, today emphasised the fact that children with a limited vocabulary at age 5 are more than twice as likely to be unemployed in adulthood that those with a rich command of language.

Mr Hinds also spoke of ‘the last taboo in Education policy’ – the home learning environment. In high income families, 4/5 parents read to their children at least once a day. In low income families, this figure is halved. Announcing a coalition to take place in the Autumn, Mr Hinds invited organisations to work together to give ‘parents a helping hand’ in this area, in a bid to raise their confidence and, subsequently, the attainment of their children.

ESB has a number of tools to support children to reach EYFS communication and language requirements, but also to help their parents to develop confidence in reading and oral communication:

ESB's Early Steps Badges help centres to meet the following EYFS communication and language requirements: Listening and attention, Understanding and Speaking.
Our ‘Reading to a Child’ qualification is ideal for parents wanting to develop their verbal communication with their children. They receive an accredited award when they demonstrate story-reading, descriptive and conversational skills within a small, supportive group.

As the Bercow report identified: “Speech, language and communication are foundation life skills. Children’s communication is everyone’s business.” ESB share this view. 

Telephone Alison Coates, on 01695 573 439 (ext 220) or email to discover how we can help you to develop confident oracy skills for learners in the early years and for their parents.

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