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  • External Assessment
  • Year 12 - 13 Target Group
  • 48 Guided Learning Hours


Advanced Certificate in Spoken English (Level 3) prepares post-16 students for work or further education. This qualification carries UCAS Tariff points. All of ESB’s schools qualifications are mapped to the UK National Curriculum and are proven to increase attainment and confidence in speaking and listening.


ESB Level 3 Certificate in Graded Examinations in Speech: Spoken English (Grade 8)

Make a 5 minute presentation on a subject of your own choice using audio/visual material. Using a variety of methods, research your subject and draw and present your conclusions.


Provide the examiner with an article from a quality newspaper or periodical, relating to a topic which you have researched thoroughly prior to the assessment. The candidate should:

a) Give an introductory summary of the article

b) Identify the issues raised by the article, offer your opinion on the subject matter and the way it has been reported

c) Lead a discussion on the main issue and sum up the opinions of the group.


Choose a short extract from a novel, biography, drama, poetry or public address. Prepare and give an evaluative recommendation followed by a reading or memorised delivery from the chosen text.


Questions and discussion will take place at any time. You should also be prepared to contribute your ideas and opinions to develop others’ discussions.

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