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  • External Assessment
  • 16 + Target Groups
  • 50 Guided Learning Hours


Communicating in the Workplace (Entry 3) is designed to develop candidates’ communication skills for the workplace environment. The qualification consists of candidates advising and explaining in a practical, informative, self-chosen context and making a formal telephone call. Candidates will develop communication skills by working in a group with peers, tutors and support workers resulting in increased confidence and self-esteem. This syllabus provides evidence towards the Every Child Matters Outcomes Framework and meets the National Curriculum Level 3 Attainment Target 1 for English: Speaking and Listening and the Adult Literacy Core Curriculum at Entry 3.


Communicating in the Workplace (Entry 3) (QCF)

a) Candidates will introduce and explain in a logical sequence, observing time limits, a work situation. They should engage with their listeners with confidence and enthusiasm and share any problems or opportunities for development OR

b) Demonstrate and explain a practical skill they have learned in the workplace using visual aids, prepared poster or PowerPoint (minimal text).


a) Candidates should talk about three to five examples of good practice in Health and Safety, bringing the words to life and sharing enthusiastically with the listeners. They must also be prepared to answer questions OR

b) Introduce and explain why they feel strongly about a topical news item (may read a short extract of the new item). They must be prepared to respond to comments from the group.


a) The assessor will set the scene for the candidate to call the tutor (as receiver) to make an enquiry about a job or training course OR

b) To make an appointment with an adviser or social/ key worker

They should be courteous and business like throughout, introducing themselves and explaining clearly the information they require, clarifying points and responding appropriately. 


Listening skills are an important and necessary skill when communicating with others. Candidates must be able to respond to questions from the group, make eye contact where possible, speak politely and ask suitable and supportive questions of other group members.

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