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  • External Assessment
  • 16+ Target Group
  • 30 Guided Learning Hours


Communicating with Art is designed to develop interactive communication through the medium of art. Candidates will develop communication skills by working in a group with peers, tutors and support workers resulting in increased confidence and self-esteem. The syllabus provides evidence towards Every Child Matters Outcomes Framework and the level aligns with Achievement Continuum Stage 6 Early Awareness & English P Scales P 6 Speaking and Listening.


Communicating with Art (Entry 1)

Following their own simple introduction, the candidates will show and explain to the group some simple shapes and colours i.e. a circle, square, rectangle, red, green blue.


Candidates will show or tell how they have made a piece of art work they have brought with them and will try to answer questions from the assessor.


Demonstrate or tell how a piece of art work/ technique has been produced – collage, marbling, weaving, model making etc.


At the end of the session the candidates will be expected to say “Thank you” and “Goodbye” to the assessor/tutor/ support and the group.  This can be verbal or non-verbal.

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