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  • External Assessment
  • 16+ Target Group
  • 30 Guided Learning Hours


Communicating with Drama is designed to develop interactive communication through the medium of drama. Candidates will develop communication skills by working in a group with peers, tutors and support workers resulting in increased confidence and self-esteem. The syllabus provides evidence towards Every Child Matters Outcomes Framework and the level aligns with Achievement Continuum Stage 6 Early Awareness & English P Scales P 6 Speaking and Listening.


Communicating with Drama (Entry 1)

Take part in any warm-up activity or game i.e. warm-up exercises, breathing exercises. Warm-up games e.g. roll a ball, introductions, chase the colour or movement game.


Candidates will be expected to take part in a group or solo improvisation and to tell the group and assessor about it.  Examples - going to the beach, at the school/college disco, going shopping or becoming a character or animal.


Taking part in any dance or movement activity working with other members of the group or staff. Props may be used i.e. scarves, ribbon, parachutes etc. The accompaniment can be from any musical genre, a poem song or silence. Their enjoyment of the piece can be explained verbally or using picture cards, AACs or any type of communication aid.


A bow, curtsey can be performed whilst saying “Thank you and Goodbye.” This be pre-arranged and lead by tutor or assessor to the whole group showing interest and using verbal or non-verbal actions.

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