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  • External Assessment
  • 16 + Target Groups
  • 30 Guided Learning Hours


Developing Independent Communication Skills (Entry 1) is designed to develop independent communication. The qualification involves conversation with others, one-to-one telephone calls and listening and responding. Candidates will develop communication skills by working in a group with peers, tutors and support workers resulting in increased confidence and self-esteem. The syllabus provides evidence towards Every Child Matters Outcomes Framework and the level aligns with Achievement Continuum Stage 8 Initiation & English P Scales P4 Speaking and Listening. It corresponds to the National Curriculum Level 1 Attainment Target 1 for English: Speaking and Listening and Adult Literacy Core Curriculum Entry 1.


Developing Independent Communication Skills (Entry 1)

The candidates will introduce themselves and give a presentation on a topic of personal interest i.e. a hobby, a favourite sport, their family, a pet, a holiday etc. They should bring a poster or visual aid, speak clearly and bring to an appropriate ending.


Candidates will demonstrate that they can listen carefully to others and enter into a conversation on a selected topic or activity. These may include their annual residential, a school/college production, a holiday.


Candidates will answer a telephone call, respond to questions and speak politely and clearly throughout the call.


Throughout the assessment candidates will communicate with their peers, listening carefully, responding to questions, making eye contact where possible and try to ask questions of the peer group.

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