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  • External Assessment
  • Early Years Target Group
  • N/A Guided Learning Hours


This qualification builds confidence in speaking and listening for Early Years children, and it helps them reach communication and language goals as stated in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage for England.


Early Steps - Step 2 (Speaking Out)

Join in a group action‐rhyme, game or song led by your teacher, keeping together all the way through. Show the Examiner how to join in too.

Examples of Joining‐In games to practise:  

If You’re Happy and You Know it;  

One Potato, Two Potato;  

Old MacDonald Had a Farm;  

I’m a Little Teapot;  

Ten Fingers;  

The Wheels on the Bus;  

Incy Wincy Spider;  

Five Fat Peas;  

This Little Piggy Went to Market;  

The Grand Old Duke of York


Say your name, and then on your own, speak from memory a rhyme that you enjoy, of at least 4 lines. Make sure everyone can hear the words.   

Examples of Speaking By Heart rhymes:  

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star;  

Cats by Eleanor Farjeon;  

Hickory Dickory Dock;  

Some One by Walter de La Mare;  

Humpty Dumpty;  

Ferry me Across the Water by Christina Rossetti;  

Jack and Jill;  

Billy is Blowing His Trumpet;  

Porridge is Bubbling, Bubbling Hot;  

Outdoor Song by AA Milne


Bring a photograph or a favourite toy to show the group, and on your own tell the group three things about it. Choose facts that the group cannot see for themselves.


On completion of this assessment the early learner will be able to interact with others, taking turns in conversation.

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