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  • External Assessment
  • Ages 5 - 18 Target Group
  • 120 Total Qualification Time


ESB Level 1 Award in EAL for Young Learners is for young learners who speak English as an additional language. The overall aim is to promote clear, effective, confident oral communication in a supportive group setting. The Awards in EAL are mapped to the ESOL Core Curriculum and referenced to the Common European Framework for Languages. The qualifications provide a clear cross curricular framework for teaching and testing. They are suitable for learners in UK schools who need to improve their knowledge of English, and therefore their confidence, in order to access the curriculum.


ESB Level 1 Award in EAL for Young Learners

In order to achieve a pass at this level, candidates are required to achieve all the assessment criteria listed under Learning Outcomes 1 to 3 (see syllabus). 


Candidates will be required to talk for about 4 minutes on either a subject that interests them, exploring various points of view and giving their own opinions or a book, song, film or television programme, giving a critical response.


The candidate who gave the talk will respond to questions. The other candidates will ask at least one question each. The examiner may also ask questions. The candidate who gave the talk will lead a short discussion on a related topic, as directed by the examiner. All candidates will be required to contribute to the discussion, expressing their opinions and supporting these with reasons or examples.


Respond as a group a to complex situation relating to everyday life, as outlined by the examiner. 

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