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  • External Assessment
  • 16 + Target Groups
  • 40 Guided Learning Hours


Getting Ready for a Journey (Entry 2) is designed to prepare candidates for planning a journey. The qualification involves a talk about a short journey, a mock telephone call and listening and responding. Candidates will develop communication skills by working in a group with peers, tutors and support workers resulting in increased confidence and self-esteem. This syllabus provides evidence towards the Every Child Matters Outcomes Framework and meets the National Curriculum Level 2 Attainment Target 1 for English: Speaking and Listening and Adult Literacy Core Curriculum at Entry 2.


Getting Ready for a Journey (Entry 2) (QCF)

The candidates should prepare and tell the group about a short journey they have planned for themselves i.e. going to the shops, visiting a relative, travelling to the cinema. They should show visual aids e.g. timetable or travel pass, prepared posters they have made or PowerPoint presentations (images only) they should also try to speak clearly with confidence and enthusiasm making good eye contact.


The poster the candidates will prepare should show three or four examples of Health and Safety on a journey, these may include - traffic signs, safe care of money, road safety. They will be able to explain their poster contents and identify any risks involved in the journey.


The assessor will set the scene for the candidate to make a call to the tutor to make an enquiry about bus or train times related to their journey. They must greet the receiver politely explaining the information they require, check the details and speak in a friendly and business-like manner.


Listening skills are an important and necessary skill when communicating with others. Candidates must be able to respond to simple questions from the group, make eye contact where possible, speak politely and ask suitable straightforward questions of other group members.

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