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  • 40 Total Qualification Time
  • External Assessment
  • 16 + Target Group


Introducing Oral Skills for Interviews (Entry 1) is an employability qualification particularly designed to help prepare students for interview. The qualification recognises the diverse needs of individuals including physical, specific disabilities, disengaged or disadvantaged learners. These learners deserve rigorous, relevant and recognised qualifications. This qualification will allow a learner to record their achievement and prepares them for life and work whilst removing the bureaucracy.


ESB Entry Level Award in Introducing Oral Skills for Interview (Entry 1)

Give a short presentation, including introduction and use of poster and/or visual aids (a small amount of support may be given).

Tell the group about work experiences – stacking shelves in a supermarket, working in a horticultural setting i.e. a park, garden centre or greenhouses, helping in a day centre for the elderly, helping in a children’s nursery, working in a college/school library, office or in maintenance.

Time - Approximately 2 minutes


The assessor will set the call, the tutor will receive the call.

Telephone a place of work/college or training to ask some simple questions regarding time of interview, travel to an interview, special arrangements needed by the learner, accessibility, public transport.

Time - Approximately 2 minutes


The interview should be based on the subject of the presentation with a few, short, simple questions from the assessor. Assistance can be given to support the achievements of learning outcomes or criteria (from tutor, carer, parent or other).

The learners will be questioned about their work/job experiences, their interests, strengths/weaknesses or the course for which they have applied.

Time - Approximately 3/4 minutes


The candidate will respond to simple questions from the group and ask simple questions. This can take place at any time during the assessment.

Learners will be expected to listen carefully to presentations from other members of the group, to ask questions and enter into discussion.

Time - Approximately 2 minutes

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