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  • External Assessment
  • Year 4 Target Group
  • N/A Guided Learning Hours


The ESB Entry Level Award in Speech (Entry 2) promotes oracy and is designed to develop learners’ speaking, reading, listening and responding skills. The target learner group is Year 4 pupils. The qualification is mapped to National Curriculum requirements in Spoken Language at Key Stages 1 and 2. All assessment is external, in your school at a time to suit you.


ESB Entry Level Award in Speech (Entry 2)

Talk about an object, model, picture or piece of equipment for 3 minutes explaining its importance to you. Candidates should explain their personal interest in the subject. They might choose to talk about: something they have seen, made or assembled, a collection they are developing, the kit or equipment for a sport or game they play. Practise speaking with minimal notes or prepared text, but aim for a natural and spontaneous style of delivery without notes.


Speak by heart a poem you enjoy. Say the title and the poet’s name first and give a detailed reason for your choice. The poem should last around 2 minutes.


Prepare 4-5 pages containing dialogue from a favourite book for the assessor to choose an extract to be read aloud. Introduce it saying which character you would like to meet. The passage should last around 2 minutes.


Answer questions after any of your sections. Listen to others and join in with questions and comments. 

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