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  • External Assessment
  • Adult Learners Target Group
  • 60 Guided Learning Hours


ESB’s ESOL Skills for Life qualifications are designed for adults who live, study or work in the United Kingdom. ESB Level 2 Award in ESOL Skills for Life (Reading) is aimed at candidates who have excellent literacy knowledge or experience in English. Having ESB Level 1 Award in ESOL Skills for Life (Reading) is advantageous at this level. The 60 minute assessment is taken under controlled exam conditions and externally marked.  


ESB Level 2 Award in ESOL Skills for Life (Reading)

In order to pass the assessment, candidates must achieve all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria listed in the syllabus. Candidates are given three opportunities to achieve each criterion.

Overall grades awarded are Pass or Unsuccessful.


The assessment is a formal 60 minute examination paper which consists of three tasks. There are 21 questions in the paper. Question types include multiple choice questions and table completions and reading texts include narratives, articles, emails and letters.


The assessment is held under secure ESB examination conditions, details are available in the ESB Centre Handbook. Invigilation is undertaken by the centre and monitored by the English Speaking Board. Examination papers are marked and moderated externally by English Speaking Board assessors and moderators. 


English Speaking Board ESOL Skills for Life assessments can be incorporated into any scheme of work based on the Adult ESOL core curriculum. Level 2 ESOL reading assessments are based on the Adult ESOL core curriculum standards. Sample papers and mark schemes are available.

This assessment is the highest level in a suite of assessments designed to encourage progression to employment, vocational courses, Functional Skills, GCSE and other academic routes. Candidates’ real life circumstances are taken into account when assessments are designed and topics include such themes as employability.

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