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  • External Assessment
  • Year 10 or 11 Target Group
  • 24 Guided Learning Hours


The ESB Level 2 Certificate in Speech (Grade 5) promotes oracy and is designed to enhance learners’ presentational and communication skills. The target learner group is Year 10 and 11 students. The qualification is mapped to National Curriculum requirements in Spoken English at Key Stages 4 and the Spoken Language endorsement at GCSE. All assessment is external, in your school at a time to suit you.


ESB Level 2 Certificate in Speech (Grade 5) (Drama-focused)

Research an issue which could affect your age group. Give a balanced presentation and explain your own views on the subject. The presentation should last around 5 minutes. You must include relevant visual or audio materials in your presentation.


Choose a poem, or an extract from a published novel or short story (not a play or self-composition). Introduce your selected piece with information about the writer and use of language, and comment on the style or context of the work, before reading or speaking the piece to the group. The piece should last around 3 minutes.


Choose a character from any text not selected for Section 2. Introduce your character briefly (1 minute) and provide a concise context, then communicate your chosen character: Put yourself in the “hot seat”. Respond in character to the questions from the listening group, to communicate understanding of your chosen character's thoughts, feelings and reactions through speech. Simple hand props may be employed if appropriate but use of costume is not allowed. The activity should last around 5 minutes. 


Discuss and answer questions on the issues raised in your presentation. Contribute your ideas and opinions to develop others’ discussions, as well as answering questions from the examiner and members of the listening group following other sections.

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