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  • External Assessment
  • 16 + Target Group
  • 30 Guided Learning Hours


ESB Level 3 Award in Oral Communication Skills for Overseas Resort Representatives will develop the learner’s oral communication skills for dealing with customers within the Travel and Tourism sector. It builds upon the key skills required for this area.The qualification covers presentation skills, event planning and develops the learners competencies of face to face communication with customers as well as developing your abilities to work as part of a team.


Award in Oral Communication Skills for Overseas Resort Representatives (Level 3)

As an Overseas Resort Representative for a tour operator, welcome English-speaking visitors to your resort, give them relevant information about accommodation and local information and use your skills to promote specific excursions. 


a. Using a working microphone, give a coach transfer commentary to a group of visitors on a daytime transfer from airport to hotel at the start of their stay. This should include clear, relevant instructions, information and advice, demonstrating both good local awareness and understanding of your visitors’ needs.

b. Provide a compact graphic aid (e.g. spidergram/table/chart/pictorial reference) using information from at least three different sources. You may refer to this as appropriate, but keep your delivery lively and interesting.

c. You will be asked to discuss your choice of material, both oral and written/graphic. 


You are a resort representative on a property visit to one of your group’s hotels. The assessor, acting as a customer, will make a complaint, which you will receive. Demonstrate good customer care skills in handling the situation and, on behalf of your tour operator, reach an agreed solution or compromise.

Be prepared to discuss outcomes, possible alternative strategies and the relevance of customer service in the context of your chosen career. 


Throughout the session, the assessor and the group will have an opportunity to ask questions. You may be asked to amplify, defend opinions, put your own viewpoint etc. and take your turn at joining in constructively in active listening, open-ended questioning and discussion during the sessions of others in the group. 

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