Communications to centres: Assessment Update following recent England wide National Lockdown announcement

Bournemouth Collegiate School sails through on-line assessments!

Continuing to successfully engage our learners through online assessments, we are pleased to report that 60 learners from Bournemouth Collegiate School, Dorset, recently undertook their ESB Level 1 Award in Speech (Grade 3).

ESB’s adapted online assessments give the closest experience to learners’ usual face to face assessments. By welcoming the ‘new norm’ and adopting a ‘can do’ attitude to the whole process, both ESB’s assessor, Jillian Evans and teacher Rhiannon Lawton were able to achieve the best outcome for the learners over the three days of assessment.

Rhiannon Lawton says, “Jillian Evans was utterly incredible and really went above and beyond for my students in challenging circumstances.”

Equally full of praise for the learners who were committed to their assessments and for Rhiannon’s dedication to preparing the learners for their assessment, Jillian adds: “ ‘It was a very busy three days. The success of the assessment depended on understanding that the key was to help the candidates feel as confident as possible in a virtual setting and on supporting the member of staff who had put in so much time and effort preparing the candidates. It really was a very positive experience where the learners were able to showcase what they could do. There was a real sense of achievement at the close of each session.”

Tina Renshaw, ESB’s Chief Executive says, “ESB would like to give 3 cheers to Jillian and all our trusted and experienced assessors who have adapted so wonderfully to the online assessment challenges posed by the current situation. They are fantastic and we are very proud of them all!”

Our supportive Speech assessments aim to improve oracy and literacy skills whilst inspiring a level of confidence which learners can carry with them throughout life. By raising achievement and enriching learning by promoting clear, effective communication, ESB prepares learners for their progression in school, further and higher education and the world of work. With more employers now seeking social and problem-solving skills, communications skills are vital for personal and professional success.