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English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. highlights its unique Oracy assessment methodology at the Westminster Education’s Forum Policy Conference: Next steps for literacy and oracy in England’s schools

Oracy assessment: “Preparing for and experiencing an ESB International qualification fosters learner agency and empowers young people to find their place in the world.”

English Speaking Board (International) (ESB) recently participated in the Westminster Education Forum Policy Conference on Literacy and Oracy, discussing the value and efficacy of its Oracy assessment methodology and the ease in which it can be embedded into the curricula across the different phases of education and skills system.

Contributing to the discussion, ‘Teaching and learning literacy and oracy in primary and secondary schools’, ESB’s Chief Executive, Tina Renshaw said:

It was fantastic to engage with other educators and thought leaders in the Oracy and Literacy field and to have the opportunity to highlight the benefits and impact of ESB’s unique Oracy assessment framework.

With tasks targeted to the EY frameworks, the English National Curriculum, Gatsby benchmarks and the Spoken Language Endorsement at GCSE, ESB qualifications are tailored to each year group and can easily be integrated into classroom teaching across various curriculum subjects, providing learners with a unique opportunity to develop their self-confidence and communication skills across multiple areas of study.

Our assessment style is unique, with learners working together within a supportive peer group. The assessment is conducted externally with the completion of the tasks taking place in school, providing a familiar environment where students have the best chance of success.

ESB’s Oracy qualifications are designed to equip individuals with essential skills required to thrive in today’s competitive world, including the ability to express their thoughts clearly and persuasively, work effectively as part of a team, inform, instruct, question, interpret, disagree and advise.

As a contributing member of the Oracy APPG final report – Speak for Change – ESB was also delighted that Lord Watson, Vice-Chair of the Oracy APPG was a speaker at the conference. 

Expressing a keen interest in learning more about how ESB assessments can be integrated into the curriculum, particularly at post-16/FE and specialist provision, he commented:

Oracy is a core component of an effective education that enables a child to flourish in learning and in life. In order to develop confidence and competence in Spoken Language, children and young people need a consistent opportunity to develop and practise these skills throughout their schooling.

ESB 2021-22 National Impact Report

ESB had the opportunity to present data and findings from its2021-22 National Impact Report. This research, from some of ESB’s most disadvantaged primary and secondary schools, demonstrates an impact score of 9/10 and 8/10 respectively, and highlights the significant impact that ESB qualifications have on the Oracy skills of their learners in the wake of the pandemic.

Adds Tina:

I look forward to exploring ideas and continuing discussions around Oracy and Literacy and how ESB can best work with and support other organisations’ work to provide better outcomes for all students in the future.

If you would like to learn more about ESB’s Oracy assessment framework and find out if your organisation is eligible for financial support through our outreach programme, please get in touch with our Business Strategy Team at We would love to hear from you.