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ESB launches its National Impact Report 2021-2022

ESB is delighted to launch its 2021-2022 National Impact Report which outlines the impact of its externally assessed qualifications on the development of learners’ oracy and personal development.

The report is based on data collected from learners and teachers at primary and secondary schools last year who have benefitted from the support of ESB’s Christabel Burniston Fund.

Says ESB’s Chief Executive, Tina Renshaw, “I’m excited to launch our National Impact Report. For 70 years, ESB has witnessed the life-long impact of our oracy qualifications. We know their impact, and our assessors see it first-hand when they go out to our centres. We hear it from our teachers and our learners themselves, whether it’s on Twitter or their school websites, and we also witness it at magnificent annual events such as our Young Speakers of the Year Showcases.

“However, we know that in our modern, data-driven world, it’s important that we can demonstrate the impact in academic and statistical terms. We wanted to add to the growing national research base about the impact of focusing on speaking and listening skills, particularly in ESB’s case, through a form of assessment that provides a confidence-boosting accredited qualification.”

So, what does the report tell us about the impact of investing in ESB qualifications that focus on oracy?

Impact at Primary Level
Teachers told us that:

  • ESB qualifications have had a huge impact on the speaking and listening skills of their learners in the wake of the pandemic, with a 9/10 impact score.
  • Learners spoke with an increasing command of standard English.
  • Learners were judged to be far more competent and confident in their ability to gain and maintain the interest of their peers and to stay on topic, initiate and respond.
  • Learners improved their group work skills.

Learners also said that they were much happier to read in class after they had completed the assessment.

Impact at Secondary Level

  • 62% of learners told us that the qualifications improved their ability to work well in a group and helped them to stay focused and to collaborate with others.
  • Teachers said that the impact of completing these qualifications in a post-pandemic world was of significance for these young people, with an 8/10 impact score.
  • Learners also felt they improved their ability to speak confidently, audibly and fluently, enhanced their vocabulary to articulate better, and improved their own abilities and targets.

Please download the Executive Summary here:

ESB would love as many of you as possible to interact with its National Impact Report. So, please do email to receive a full copy of the report and give us some feedback. If you would like to be involved in having your learners be part of the dataset, then please also get in touch.

It’s crucial to understand that investing in oracy has its dividends and has both an immediate and life-long impact on learners. ESB looks forward to sharing more information about the impact of its qualifications on learners throughout the year, and in the future.