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ESB Learner takes his assessment to the next level using a ‘baa-rilliant’ visual aid!

Max and his sheep – Ian, Heidi and Gail.

Yes….you ‘herd’ it here! An ESB learner surprised his classmates with an exceptional choice of visual aid.

For his Level 1 Award in Speech (Grade 1) ESB assessment, Max Christie, Year 6 learner from Shropshire’s Ellesmere College, wowed his assessor and class by bringing in his unique and adorable visual aid – three Swiss Blacknose Valais sheep – as part of his lively presentation on the rare breed.

Enthralling the audience with his engaging delivery, Max says, “Valais Blacknose are particularly cute sheep and I really enjoyed the chance to talk about them to other people.”

ESB’s Chief Executive, Tina Renshaw says, “It’s a delight to witness Max’s passion and interest for this rare breed of sheep, demonstrated during his exceptional presentation. We absolutely love it when learners surprise us and Max certainly did that!

“At ESB, we pride ourselves on giving learners the opportunity to choose what they want to talk about. There is nothing more valuable than giving young people a platform for a chance to be heard, and for them to speak passionately about what interests them”.

Mr Hutchings, Class Teacher at Ellesmere College added, “ESB is great for developing the self-confidence and communication skills that are so vital in life. I was really pleased by the standard this year and it was a testament to the hard work put in by all involved.”

At ESB, we aim to ensure all learners have an enjoyable learning experience, and we do this through tailoring our assessments to the individual, ensuring they feel comfortable and supported along the way. 

ESB Speech assessments are built with the learners’ interests at heart and are set in a group context to facilitate listening and responding. Their talks boost their confidence and oracy abilities, whilst equipping them with skills that last a lifetime, enabling all individuals to flourish in further education, training and employment.  

If you are interested in boosting your learners’ confidence and oracy skills, please get in touch today by emailing business@esbuk.org.


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