ESB refreshes its speech qualifications for learners with significant special needs and disabilities!

ESB demonstrates its ongoing commitment to providing equality and the same opportunities for all by reviewing, refreshing, and improving its existing portfolio of speech qualifications for learners with significant special needs and disabilities.

This newly refreshed and up-to-date portfolio, which also provides a package of support for tutors and learners, is now available and can be downloaded from our website from today.

The revised portfolio, Building Confidence in Communication comprises of 14 Entry-Level qualifications which are designed to promote learners’ confidence, oracy and communication skills. They aim to remove barriers to learning by enabling access to a wide range of curricula, building relationships and a sense of belonging, and developing self-esteem and a positive self-identity.

Says Product Development Manager, Anthea Wilson, “Many things have not changed. The content of the qualifications and the level of demand is the same, as well as the emphasis on communication and real-life skills. Learners will still receive personalised report forms with their result, and do their assessments in groups with their peers to encourage active listening skills and personalisation.

“What is new is a package of teacher support materials which suggest ways of isolating and practising effective speaking and listening skills.”

Please click here to access these resources which include lesson plans, games and activities, videos, audios and PowerPoint presentations to use with learners in a range of settings.

ESB has also revised and reissued the Specifications, with more detail on content and assessment. The qualifications are grouped into three categories: Communication for Interviews and the Workplace,Communication via the Arts, and Communication for Independent Living and Social Interaction. These specifications are available to download by clicking here.

Anthea adds, “We believe that developing oral communication strategies is one of the keys to living an independent life and that all learners should have access to courses that prepare them for independence in the real world, and we are proud to share this exciting product with our customers – innovative qualifications that are enjoyable and motivating to work towards, and a teacher support package that supports learning and teaching in today’s learning environment.”

All of ESB’s Building Confidence in Communication Entry level qualifications are available to book now and are priced at £44.00 per learner.

ESB’s purpose to positively impact learners with significant learning disabilities is part of a wider campaign – its 70/70 Campaign. ESB aims to reach out to disadvantaged learners (those facing disadvantage from socio-economic factors, migration, and disability status) and will support them financially to access its assessments, support and training.

If you would like to know more about our Campaign or wish to find out if you are eligible for our 70/70 funding, please contact a member of our Business Development Team at

For more detailed information regarding our refreshed portfolio of Speech qualifications for learners with significant special educational needs and disabilities, please email

ESB’s purpose is to support all learners to possess the oracy skills they need in order to achieve their aspirations. This goal can only be achieved by closing the disadvantage gap!

Please click here to read our full article published in the latest edition of ESB news which highlights the immeasurable impact these qualifications have already had on our learners.  


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