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ESB International to help shape the future of oracy education in England

The Oracy Education Commission represents a pivotal moment for the oracy movement. Chaired by Geoff Barton, the Commission aims to provide a framework for national entitlement to oracy education at all stages of the curriculum in England.

Commission Chair @RealGeoffBarton tells us why the Commission matters for students

The Awarding Organisation of the Year, English Speaking Board (International) Ltd., has long been a leader in the national conversation for mainstream oracy adoption. As both a member of The Oracy Network, and contributor to the Oracy All-Party Parliamentary Group’s inquiry ‘Speak for Change’, ESB International has been at the forefront of the oracy movement since 1953 and will continue to be for many years to come.

Through its National Impact Report, we recognise beyond any doubt the importance of assessing acquired oracy skills in young people. Teachers spoke to us of the huge impact our qualifications have at both Primary and Secondary level, with notable factors including drastically improved confidence, the ability to work well in a group and collaborating strongly with others as well the ‘real-life’ transferable skills that learners could take home, to the next step phase of their education and eventually to the workplace.

With the Commission’s final report due in September 2024, ESB International looks forward to providing the Commission with its full input as we look to collectively shape the future of oracy education in England.

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