We have released new Centre Handbooks for our Speech, ESOL Skills for Life and centre assessed qualifications. They are available to download on our Policies and Procedures page.

Important Centre Notice – Refreshed Centre Handbooks

ESB introduces new handbooks for each of its centres – available to download today.

Designed to streamline the ESB journey for our centres and to enable them to find information more easily, our master Centre Handbook has been split into three new individual Centre Handbooks.

ESOL Skills for Life centres

New ESB Handbook for Skills for Life centres:

  • Learner preparation 
  • Step-by-step booking process 
  • Plan your assessment day by creating an efficient running order
  • Planning your Reading and Writing assessments including instructions for your invigilators 

Speech centres

New ESB Handbook for Speech Centres based in the UK. For Speech Centres operating outside of the UK, we already have a Handbook for your centre here.

  • Step-by-step booking process 
  • Links to useful videos  
  • Assessment rules and regulations poster for you to display 
  • Guidance for assessment timings and recommended learner numbers per day

Centres offering ICE qualifications

Our centres delivering ESB ICE qualifications can also access detailed guidance regarding centre-assessed components within our brand new ESB Handbook for Centre Assessed Qualifications. The following items are discussed in this Handbook but please ensure that it is used in tandem with your Speech Handbook

  • Centre staff requirements 
  • Internal quality assurance 
  • Moderation process and feedback 

If you are an existing ESB centre, please start consulting the new Centre Handbooks immediately. They are available to download on our Policies and Procedures page.

If you have any questions about our new Centre Handbooks, please contact our Quality Assurance Department.

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