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Mayor of London responds to ESB’s support for ESOL Skills for Life funding proposal

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has responded to English Speaking Board (International) Ltd’s letter of support for the Greater London Authority (GLA)’s proposal to fund ESOL Skills for Life courses for learners in London up to Entry 3.
sadiq khan
Mayor of London, Saqiq Khan

ESB International’s Chief Executive,
Tina Renshaw wrote, “The Mayor’s plans to fund ESOL courses will have a huge impact on learners and colleges in London, and will ultimately help Londoners achieve the necessary skills for integration and employment in the UK. Being a part of your community through the ability to listen and talk with your neighbours and co-workers; visit a doctor; share experiences and worries with other mums and dads, is how we build understanding, empathy and tolerance.”

The Mayor welcomed ESB’s support for the proposal, and will include it within their responses to support the ongoing development of the Mayor’s long-term vision for skills in the capital.

The Mayor wrote that he and his team are working hard to “address some of the barriers to ESOL provision that Londoners face.” In particular, he says, they are asking “would introducing full funding for ESOL up to Entry Level 3 be sufficient in removing some of these.”

Says Tina,

We look forward to seeing the final framework for these plans, and what this could hold for our ESOL Skills for Life learners.

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