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We are committed to supporting teachers and helping them to encourage and fulfil the potential of learners. ESB provides a wide range of online teacher support resources for our Speech and Language qualifications. These resources are intended to help teachers effectively prepare their learners for the assessment, so that all learners have the confidence to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. You can access these resources free-of-charge, at any time.


For our Graded Assessments in Speech, we have produced the following five detailed teacher guides, packaged in downloadable FlippingBooks:

  • Pre-Entry: For ESB Early Steps 1, Early Steps 2 and the ESB Pre-Entry Level Award in Speech.
  • Entry: For ESB Entry Level Awards in Speech from Entry 1 to Entry 3.
  • Foundation: For ESB Level 1 Awards in Speech from Grade 1 to Grade 3.
  • Intermediate: For ESB Level 2 Certificates in in Speech from Grade 4 to Grade 5.
  • Advanced: For ESB Level 3 Certificates in Speech from Grade 6 to Grade 8.

Each teacher guide provides information about how best to prepare learners for all aspects of the assessment. For example, the Entry book contains practical advice and suggestions about how to help learners to plan and give a talk, present a short poem from memory, read aloud a chosen passage from a book and answer questions from an assessor and listening group. Each teacher guide also contains a series of short bite-size videos from ESB specialists in Speech and Drama.

Below is an extract of a teacher guidance book for our Entry qualifications, which are part of our Graded Examinations in Speech. As you will see, there is detailed advice about how to help learners plan and give a talk. For example, we not only recommend that learners work in small groups to share ideas and practise their talks, but also be creative with introductions and conclusions, so as to capture the attention of the audience. In addition, this advice is also supplemented by three bite-size videos from ESB Specialists in Speech and Drama, Lulu Dale and Alison Coates. These videos offer expert advice about how best to help learners structure their talk, speak spontaneously and use visual aids.

Sample ESB Teacher Guidance

In order to gain full access to these resources, you must become an ESB centre. You can do this by first browsing our range of Speech assessments and see what is right for your learners.

ESOL Skills for Life

For ESOL Skills for Life, ESB provides sample assessment papers and mark schemes for our Reading and Writing qualifications from Entry 1 to Level 2. For Speaking and Listening qualifications, you will find videos of previous assessments across levels with an accompanying commentary. In addition, we also provide assessor booklets, sample pictures and audio files.

Please follow the links below to see ESB’s full range of resources for its ESOL Skills for Life portfolio:

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