Something big is coming! Get ready for ESB’s Your Milestone Competition

We want to give you and your learners a heads up by providing some key information about ESB’s Your Milestone Competition before you break for summer.

What better way to celebrate our own special milestone – our 70th anniversary in 2023 – than by giving our learners the opportunity to showcase their skills and talent! 

Designed to hone your learners’ communication skills in a fun and competitive environment, September 2022 will see the launch of ESB’s Your Milestone Competition.

The competition is open to all Speech and ESOL learners and we encourage them to enter and to get involved! It is not necessary for learners to have completed their assessments prior to entering.

Learners will simply need to create and deliver a spoken piece (in the form of a speech/poem/rap/piece of drama/story) about an important milestone in their life. This could be a particular achievement they are proud of, a time they used their voice to make a positive impact, or starting life in a new place. The spoken piece should last no longer than 3 minutes.

Learners can submit their entry from one of the following six categories:

  1. Speech (KS1&2)
  2. Speech (KS3)
  3. Speech (KS4&5)
  4. Speech SEND
  5. ESOL Entry Level
  6. ESOL Level 1 & 2

The competition will be a great way to gain recognition and social media exposure for your centre as we will be featuring winners’ videos across all our media channels, including our Website, Twitter and LinkedIn.  

In addition to sharing and marketing your centres’ achievements on our digital networks, we will also be awarding a £50.00 voucher for 1st prize winners and £25.00 voucher for 2nd prize winners within each category. All learners who receive a Highly Commended Award will also receive a certificate highlighting their accomplishment.

Centres whose learners are awarded the first prize will also have the additional bonus of receiving a £40.00 voucher

The winning entry will be assessed on the delivery and presentation, and will be the one that reaches the heart of the listener the most. We are looking for that little bit of magic!

All learners can put their thinking hats on over the Summer and what better way to break the ice with your new intake in September.

Full details on how to enter will be released early September. Watch this space!

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