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Develops confident communication.

At ESB, we believe oracy to be at the heart of the learning experience. Our qualifications build confidence in learners, which is key to unlocking learners’ potential and raising achievement.

Improves literacy and oracy.

Our Speech assessments help learners to develop key oracy skills. They are encouraged to develop their audibility of voice, choice of vocabulary and use of pace to communicate a message or information effectively. Research shows that oracy has a direct impact on literacy and raises academic achievement in disadvantaged learners.

Easy to embed across the curriculum.

Oracy doesn’t have to be confined to the English department; our qualifications are designed to be incorporated into your teaching across a variety of subjects. Not only does this develop your pupil’s academic learning, it also reduces the need for extra-curriculum teaching.

Boosts progression and employability.

Whatever our route to employment, employers continue to tell us that teamwork and communication skills are central to their success and need to be of a higher standard when our young people enter the workforce. The development of effective communication, alongside an accredited qualification, gives learners a clear advantage when applying for a place in college, university or in the job market.

A range of accessible products.

ESB is committed to equality and diversity in education, and this is present in our qualifications, too. Our Product Development and Writing Teams are committed to ensuring our qualifications remain relevant and accessible to learners of all ages and learning abilities.

Enjoyable learning experience.

Our assessments are designed to be a social and fun experience for learners.

Qualification Progression

English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. Graded Examinations in Speech are available at five different levels. These levels are shown below:

The use of ‘speaking boards’ is a highly effective teaching strategy which supports pupils’ oracy skills as well as contributes well to wider school strategies for helping pupils to develop greater self-confidence.

Ofsted report for ESB centre Thistley Hough Academy, 2017

Pupils of Sir William Burrough Primary School

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