Update regarding ESB assessments for ESOL Skills for Life and Speech Qualifications

ESOL Skills for Life

So, you are interested in our ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Skills for Life qualifications for your learners. 

Here at ESB, our ESOL Skills for Life qualifications which include speaking and listening, reading and writing assessments are designed for individuals, above the age of 16 years, who live, study or work in the United Kingdom and who wish to develop their English Language skills. We promote and assess English language in a wide range of educational centres.

Learn more about the skills your learners can develop, the outcomes they can expect and the captivating ESB experience that awaits them on this page!


Our ESOL assessments facilitate language development to help learners obtain the vital skills that support engagement in daily life activities, develop further learning and independence, and gain or progress to meaningful and sustainable employment. Our assessments enable learners to become competent core language skills; reading, writing and speaking and listening. Once they possess the language skills needed to socialise with others in different contexts or access services otherwise unknown to them, the world will be their oyster!


Coming away with a whole list of new-found skills is something ESB prides itself on – but what is it actually like to do an ESB Assessment? Well, the overriding message that we hear from our learners, teachers and tutors is …….. it’s a whole lot of fun!

Time after time, learners come out of their assessment saying, ‘Can I do that again please?’ To hear that comment is music to our ears as we are passionate about providing not only a beneficial experience – but a rewarding one. Set in a group context, to facilitate listening and responding, our assessments are tailored to the individual. 

Here are just some benefits of the ESB experience..

Let the ESB experience enrich your learners’ lives and give them the opportunity to shine!


  • Access to higher skilled jobs
  • Receive a full recognised certificate
  • Improve written and spoken English
  • Effective use of practical, everyday language
  • Further integration into the community

We have an accessible suite of qualifications from Entry 1 to Level 2 to boost your learners’ progression and employability.

Our ESOL Skills for Life qualifications are a clear path for English language success and are available at five different levels. Any level may be selected depending on your learners’ needs.  Each level builds, step by step, on their development from the previous level. Online resources and sample materials are also available to guide and support teachers throughout the ESB experience.

ESOL Skills for Life Progression Ladder
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