Social Mobility

Speaking out in Stoke-on-Trent

ESB began a special relationship with Stoke of Trent Schools in 2014. The initiative followed an approach by Stoke Education Authority, which was looking at ways of improving oracy in its schools.¬†Since then, our relationship with Stoke Local Education Agency (LEA), teachers and learners has gone from strength to strength. Following the pilot scheme, ESB’s…

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Learning Oracy Social Mobility Speech

Giving youngsters a platform with Speakers Trust

English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. and Speakers Trust today announced a partnership based on their shared aims of raising a learner’s confidence and unlocking their potential by developing and enhancing their oral communications skills. As part of their new partnership, ESB will create a qualification to support Speakers Trust public speaking courses, which will be…

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Oracy Social Mobility Speech

Government minister visits Foxes Academy

Penny Mordaunt, Minister for Disabled People, Work and Health recently visited Foxes Academy in Minehead for an event at the Academy’s very own Foxes Hotel. After a dinner prepared by the learners, seven of them gave a presentation on their passion for working, and put forward their ideas on how to decrease the learning disability…

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SEND Social Mobility Speech