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Far from being the sole domain of the English or drama department, ESB has an effect on every aspect of the curriculum, equipping learners with a broad skillset to help them progress in a number of different ways.

Choosing ESB as a pupil premium activity is a step towards closing the gap in schools, as it removes barriers to learners’ attainment. ESB qualifications provide learners with a host of transferable skills which will help them to progress both in school and throughout life.

Of course, throughout their ESB journey, learners develop crucial language and literacy skills, as they are encouraged to express their thoughts clearly, concisely and effectively. However, whilst these skills are fundamental in raising achievement in schools, ESB can also help prepare learners for life beyond the classroom.

In ESB assessments learners are required to cooperate and interact in groups; a skill which is increasingly being used in the job market during interviews and selection procedures. Learners also develop skills in persuasion, which are crucial in forming any decision or argument in, or outside of work; in fact, it could even mean the difference between getting a job, or losing it to someone else.

Above all, ESB qualifications allow learners to master the art of giving a presentation. Presentation skills are required in almost every field of life, and research from last year (CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Survey) found that half of the employers questioned did not feel that school leavers were equipped with the necessary communication skills for employment. It stands to reason that presentation skills offer learners a greater advantage in the job market.

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