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  • External Assessment
  • Year 3 Target Group
  • N/A Guided Learning Hours


ESB’s Junior Assessments are designed to develop Speaking and Listening skills. Junior Grade 1 is designed for Year 3 candidates. Tasks are targeted to National Curriculum. Our assessment style is unique with students working with a supportive peer group; all assessment is external, in your school at a time to suit you.


Junior Grade 1 (Entry Level)

Candidates must talk about something special for 2 minutes. It may help them to include how they came to acquire the object of their talk, where it is kept, or something that happened to do with it. They might choose to talk about: a collection they are making, something they have made, or a game they love to play. They should include personal detail. Notes should not be used.


Speak by heart a poem you enjoy. Say the title and the poet’s name first and why you like it. The poem should last around 1 minute.


Read a prepared passage of about 100-150 words. Introduce it saying why you have enjoyed it. The passage should last around 2 minutes. 


Answer questions from the assessor and the group after the talk.

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