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  • External Assessment
  • Year 7 Target Group
  • 18 Guided Learning Hours


ESB’s Senior Assessments are designed to develop Spoken Language skills. Senior Introductory is designed for Year 7 candidates. Tasks are targeted to the National Curriculum. Our assessment style is unique with students working with a supportive peer group; all assessment is external, in your school at a time to suit you.


ESB Level 1 Award in Graded Examination in Speech: Senior Introductory Communication (Grade 2)

Give a talk with knowledge and enthusiasm on a topic of personal interest. The talk should last around 4 minutes. Explain your involvement, offer opinion and advice and use supportive visual aids. Candidates might talk about any subject in which they have been actively involved. For instance; a sports or drama club; preparing or cooking a favourite dish; living in another country. Brief, key word notes and/or PowerPoint pictures may be used - guidance should be given on this, and the examiner may ask to see any cue cards. 


Present a memorised choice from poetry, spoken song lyric, prose, or drama, introducing the piece first to explain its appeal for you. The extract should last around 2 minutes.


Read a practised extract of 200 words including dialogue from a book choice to hold listeners’ interest, introducing it with reasons for your choice. The extract should last around 2 minutes.


Respond to questions and feedback from your own talk and contribute actively to group discussion.

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