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Policies and Procedures

Centre Policies and Procedures
Policy Title Implementation Date Description PDF Download
Absence through Illness Policy May 2021 Use for a candidate who is absent through illness.
Centre Handbook February 2019 Provides guidance for ESB centres.
Conflict of Interest Policy November 2021 Outlines the principles and procedures for managing conflicts of interests to protect the validity of our qualifications, assessments and services.
Enquiries, Complaints and Appeals Policy September 2019 This policy outlines the process for anybody wishing to raise an enquiry, complaint and/or appeal a decision.
Extraordinary Regulatory Framework Policy for Calculating Results and Adapting Assessments September 2020 This policy outlines how ESB International has responded to Ofqual’s Extraordinary Regulatory Framework, brought about due to Covid-19
Malpractice and Maladministration Policy November 2021 Provides guidance for preventing and managing malpractice and maladministration.
Qualification Withdrawal Policy October 2021 Provides guidance on the removal of policies.
Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy September 2021 Use for a candidate who you believe may qualify for a reasonable adjustment or special consideration.
Special Considerations and Requests form July 2021 Use for a learner who is affected by temporary disability, serious illness or disposition at or near the time of the assessment.
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy August 2021 Provides information on how to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
Replacement Certificate Policy August 2021 Please read this policy to determine if a candidate can make a request for a replacement certificate.
Replacement Certificate Form September 2021 You can complete this form online by following the link to the right. If you need any assistance, please contact our Customer Experience Team.

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General Policies and Procedures
Policy Title Implementation Date Description PDF Download
Code of Conduct January 2016 All adults involved with ESB International must adhere to its Code of Conduct Policy.
Data Protection Policy March 2018 ESB International’s Data Protection Policy is fully compliant with GDPR and describes what kind of data we may request of you and the exact purpose(s) it would be used for.
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy November 2021 ESB International is committed to fully adhering to the Equality Act 2010.
Invoicing Policy For any extra information, please contact our Finance Team Please familiarise yourself with this policy should you ever need to send an invoice to ESB International.
IT Acceptable Usage Policy September 2019 This policy provides clear information on the acceptable usage of IT facilities by employees and contractors providing services on behalf of ESB International.
Privacy Policy September 2020 Please familiarise yourself with ESB International’s Privacy Policy, which is in line with GDPR legislation.
Safeguarding Policy October 2021 This policy provides guidance on how we safeguard the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adult learners.
Safeguarding Procedure October 2021 This procedure provides guidance on safeguarding responsibilities and gives defined process for all ESB International employees and contractors to follow.
Whistleblowing Policy October 2021 This policy provides guidance for the public, trustees, employees and contractors working on behalf of ESB International to communicate any concerns which are in the public interest.

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