2.6.21: Update to UK centres regarding remote and face-to-face assessment for the rest of the academic year


Meet our friends ESBinItaly

ESBinItaly is an important part of ESB’s ESOL International portfolio. ESB works with ESBinItaly, an organisation operating across Italy in more than 150 centres. Founded in 1973 and based in the historic city of Naples in southern Italy, the organisation is popular with Italian centres as it offers an on-demand service of ESB ESOL International assessments…

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ESOL International International Language Learning

Promoting oracy in China

Shanghai Concord Bilingual School in China has announced plans to run ESB assessments as part of its 2018-2019 curriculum. The school is a partner school of Concord College in Shropshire, which has been a supporter of ESB for many years. Shanghai Concord (SCBS) opened in September 2017, within the Huangpu District of Shanghai, a prime…

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International Oracy Speech


Europalso: promoting ESB in Greece

ESB’s successful association with Europalso in Greece began more than five years ago. Founded in 1956, Europalso is the Panhellenic Association of Greek Language School Owners. It acts as an organisation for testing English Language as well as a membership body. It is currently the largest certified organisation of foreign language centres in Greece, with…

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