Easier to use ESB Speech Specifications

ESB has taken steps to improve its Speech Specifications for 2022 in response to listening to new centres and the information they find helpful. The speech specifications which have been refreshed include Pre-entry to Level 3 (Grade 8) assessments.

The improvements include:

  • A new page detailing the benefits of improving learners’ oracy skills, the benefits our assessments can have in terms of curriculum design, and the benefits of our group-based assessments.
  • A new page describing the skills and advantages afforded by each section of the qualification including presenting, reading aloud and critical reviews.
  • A link to a sample selection of resources (with more resources to follow as we develop them).
  • An updated page showing how each qualification links to the National Curriculum, with links that direct the reader to the specific segment of the National Curriculum.
  • Clarification on the use of ‘Standard English’ in ESB International assessments.
  • Updated Assessment Overview pages, with clearer, more contemporary and relevant example topics.
  • Updated and simplified information on Assessment and Grading, providing more clarity on weighting, reports and certificates.
  • Our pathways specifications have been redesigned to make them easier to navigate.

We want to make our assessments as easy as possible to deliver and these Speech Specifications’ improvements should give teachers a clearer starting point as they embark on teaching ESB Speech Assessments to their learners. Our purpose is to support all learners to possess the oracy skills they need in order to achieve their aspirations. Our new Specifications are the first step to giving learners the opportunities to develop and demonstrate their Oracy skills and build their confidence to lead full and productive lives.

ESB Chief Assessor, Ben Jackson

The full list of qualifications with new specifications are:

Interested in our Speech qualifications? There is no time like the present, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today! Read about the qualifications that we have on offer here, or alternatively if you simply wish to have an informal chat about our qualifications, please contact a member of the Product Development Team at product@esbuk.org.

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