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English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. celebrates 70 years of realising the potential of all 

ESB continues its year long 70th Anniversary celebrations this week, with an event hosted by Belfast Metropolitan College’s Centre for Supported Learning.  

The multi-media event will “look back and look forward” to celebrate the impact that ESB speech qualifications have had, and continue to have, on so many neurodivergent learners. 

Says ESB’s Chief Executive, Tina Renshaw, “We can’t wait to celebrate with our centres and learners! As demonstrated through our unique portfolio of speech qualifications, we are committed to supporting all learners – empowering them to achieve their aspirations through the development of speaking and listening skills.  

“By enabling learners to develop these vital communication skills, they can develop a sense of belonging, encouraging autonomy, as well as facilitating the fulfilment of potential.” 

It is ESB’s aim to reach out and to support more organisations where their learners face disadvantage. If you are an organisation interested in ESB’s unique portfolio of Speech qualifications, designed for neurodivergent learners, we would love to hear from you. Please contact a member of our Business Development Team at for further information. 

You can also find out whether you are eligible for financial support through our 70/70 campaign – an initiative launched to celebrate ESB’s 70th Anniversary this year.