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ESB International Digital Solutions

E-certs First

Electronic certificates are a new solution that ESB International is bringing to its clients in 2021. E-certificates will be available for both paper-based and online assessments.

E-certificate platforms will be available for the following groups:

Learners’ platform: a hub where ESB learners can directly access their e-certs, order free printed copies and connect with third-parties.

Centres’ platform: a hub for the staff of ESB centres to apply their learners for e-certification.

Third-Party platform: a hub for employers, universities etc to connect with learners and receive their e-certificates.

Please watch the video below for an introduction into how our learner e-certificate platform works:

Why e-certs first?

  • QR Code Scanning Technology / Smart Verify (2D Barcode). Easily access, scan and verify e-certificates on a smartphone or any other online device. Each electronic certificate contains a Smart Verify Code; a QR code which, when scanned using a device such as a mobile phone camera, redirects you to the Smart Verify Portal. This then displays the electronic certificate and provides crucial information about whether the document is valid, has expired or has been cancelled.Personal portal for extra authentication and self-service registration.
  • Scan and verify an e-certificate using a QR Code Scanner on your smartphone.

If you have any questions about our e-certificates, please contact our Customer Experience Team.

Online Assessments

Did you know we offer a digitised assessment option?

We are proud to provide online assessments for our ESOL International qualifications in 2021 for UK and International centres. In addition to paper-based assessments, this exciting development provides centres and learners with a future-ready option and, in turn, greater flexibility in order to suit their needs.

Our intuitive and easy-to-use online assessment option offers numerous benefits such as heightened security, using fully automated proctoring using artificial intelligence to detect cheating. Not only does the completion of online assessments reduce carbon footprint but is also more efficient. 

Please watch the video below to see how an online ESB ESOL International assessment would look:

Here at ESB, one of our aims is to ensure our assessments are accessible to all and this is exactly what our online assessment option helps us to achieve! If you wish to find out more about our online assessment platform, please click on the link below.

Online Assessment Platform | Cirrus Assessment